Thinking about selling used panties online?


Hi Girls,

Are you wondering about how to get started selling your used panties online? With the new series Orange is the new black highlighting the industry we have been receiving many new requests to become a panty model.

As you know we are always looking out for new use panty sellers. However only successful candidates are contacted. This is because we take our service seriously. Unlike in the show, we do not use saliva or mix fish sauce to create dirty panties!

Here are a 5 tips to increase your chances of becoming a successful panty seller.

  1. Always be upfront with your customers. This means telling them wait times when things get delay (that time of the month) or if you have too many orders in queue.
  2. Communication is key. Especially if someone has never bought from you before. You want the to know that you’re a real person.
  3. Let your customers know where you’re at with their purchase. Are you currently wearing them, have you sent them. Don’t just let it arrive on their doorsteps without them knowing it has been sent.
  4. Make it clear what you’re willing to provide with the service. It’s ok to turn down a sale if you think you can’t offer them what they want. Better then having a bad rep in the industry.
  5. Little things go a long way. Whether it’s just wrapping them in aluminium foil and sent in a better zip lock bags. If you try to cut down costs too much and supply bad quality your customer won’t be back for a second purchase.

Hope this is helpful for the budding new used panty seller. As always we look forward to receiving your submission to become a panty seller on our site. Click can apply here.