Panties & Photos

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the continued support of Blush Panties! We’ve been getting many repeat customers over the last couple of months and all the panty models really appreciate the support!

It’s been a real turn on for all of us and we love knowing how much you enjoy the panties. Talking about turn on…guess what I got up to recently? Well…I took photos of me wearing panties for a customer in a public photo booth located in a shopping mall!

It was pretty fun and exciting thinking about whether I would get caught or if someone would see the photos being printed from outside of the photo booth. I hope my customer enjoy the photos as they are usually digitally delivered. I can see why the photo booths are making a come back! It is such a fun thing to have at a party or work event as it allows everyone to let loose and be silly. A real ice breaker!

And there are so many different types of photo booths for hire, from vintage to modern, classy and hipster! You can see some of the different types of photo booths on offer here. The are many places that can help you with booking the best booth at your event.

I guess it was a no brainer that photo booths were going to make a come back…it was only a matter of time with Instagram and the Polaroid cameras being so popular. Everyone loves the vintage vibes right. Even I have a Polaroid camera which I occasionally use to take photos of me wearing the panties. For my special regulars.

The photobooth that I used recently was a pretty standard one…usually used for passport photos. But it still did the trick and was still a big turn on for me :)

I’m always looking for a new way to be silly when I’m wearing panties for customers. It’s a good way to get turned on and get the panties really wet. Cause I know that’s how you like them!

Vivian x