We have a new used panty model! Sofia is our newest addition to the panty sphere. She’s an American based panty seller looking forward to getting her panties all wet for you. Check out her profile here: Sofia’s Profile, for all her photos and interesting facts about herself. Sofia sells used panties within American and worldwide.

She’s blonde, she’s 28 and she’s petite! What more do you want? :P

Just kidding, here at Blush we know that everyone has different tastes and we try to cater for a large audience while keeping our models minimal for an intimate feel. If you would like to view all our models you can do so on the homepage: Blush Panties

You won’t even have to make an account! Yes we’re not one of those sites that trick you into making an account by keeping the model’s profiles hidden. Suggesting that there are tens of thousand just to get you to sign up. And after you’ve invested 30 minutes of your life you don’t even like what you’ve found.

Until next time! Adios!