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Buy More Fans Review

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share an experience and review a company named ‘Buy More Fans’, a service I recently used to boost my Facebook Likes. A friend told me that you can buy Likes and Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., and I wanted to give this a try to see if it could improve the image of my website Blush Panties and hopefully increase the sales? Most of our customers are regulars or find us on Google but I know many other sellers who sell using only social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so I thought I’d give it a try!

I found a website,, that sells Facebook Likes and also followers for Instagram and Twitter. There are many sites you can buy from but this one looked the most professional. The website looks modern and all so I went with this company. Just thought I’d write a review of Buy More Fans to share with you. You can read about my experience below:

My Experience:

I bought a small package of 1000 Likes and they came through within 2 days. It was a smooth experience. At first I was a bit skeptical…and was wondering why the likes hadn’t appear yet after 1 day. I emailed customer service and was assured that the likes would come through. It takes 2-3 days for the Likes to appear usually as they have to run ads to promote your account and get the Likes.

After the second day all the Likes appeared as promised! Overall, it was a good experience, they replied promptly to my emails and had great customer service.

I tried this a few months ago and am happy with the service as all my Facebook Likes are still there. It makes my business look more professional and stuff. If you are launching a new website, I’d recommend spending $20-$30 to boost your likes or followers, it’s easy and it make your business look more professional. If you want to help me get more exposure and help me pay for my university fees, i’d love if you guys could buy me more ‘Likes’ on

Thanks in advance! Cheers!

My Rating for Buy More Fans:  9/10


  • The Likes appeared as promised and stayed on my page
  • Great customer service. Emails are quickly answered.
  • Quick and easy


  • I wish the Likes would appear instantly instead of taking 2 days, I guess I’m a bit impatient lol