Don’t Hide Your Panty Fetish

many men get runed on by used panties, it is their fetish

There are those who have certain fetishes, like getting turned on by touching and smelling used panties, and they are ashamed that they have them and do not know what to do to change things.  A fetish is simply an attraction to an object or a body part which also gives the person a feeling of sexuality.  There is nothing wrong with having a fetish under most circumstances unless that fetish is harmful to others.  The main reason that people are ashamed of their fetishes is because our society puts labels on them when they do not fully understand the nature of the fetish.  Below are three reasons why some people are ashamed of their fetish and why they should not be.

Sharing with Their Partner

Many people are absolutely terrified to share their fetish with their mate because of the stigma that has been put on many fetishes in our society. People look upon these as something deviating from the norm and it bothers people. However, it is important that you tell your lover how you feel about your fetish and let them decide if they want to partake in it with you. Why not ask your girlfriend to mail a pair of her used underwear to your work postal address? That would be REALLY naughty! Most partners are open to trying new things and you would be surprised to find that many would not have a problem experimenting with your fetish.  Just make sure that you are in a place in your relationship where there is a deep trust between the two of you.

Curing a Fetish

Have you thought about finding a cure for your fetish so you don’t hide with your girlfriend’s used panties to relive the sexual act or watch superhero movies alone so your boyfriend doesn’t know Superman turns you on?  Well, before you start paying out a ton of money to a psychiatrist, you should know that you cannot be cured. This is ingrained in your psyche and is something that will stay with you until you are no longer around.  It is much better to embrace your fetish and understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that you do not even need a cure.

A Fetish is All About You

Your fetish is all about you, you own it, you have it and unless you are hiding it you live it.  You are not alone in having fetishes; many people do to one degree or another.  Some women will not date a man who has hair on his chest and some men prefer larger breasts.  It is all a part of your subconscious desires and needs.  It is not known when fetishes begin but most believe that the onset of puberty can bring it out as your sexuality begins to develop.  How can you feel guilty for something that you have no control over?  Lose the guilt and find a way to explore your fetish so you can feel like a complete person with no boundaries.

So to answer the question, “should you be ashamed of your fetish or should you be ashamed about buying used panties on our website?”  The answer is an unequivocal no!  There is no reason to be ashamed of a feeling that you have no control over! I say embrace your fetish and live a happy life.  :)